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About Sx Calf

Sx Calf Oral Electrolyte and Nutritional Supplement is a novel electrolyte solution fed to calves suffering from dehydration. The product differs from the standard electrolyte formulae in that it contains compounds that affect the balance of the microflora of the gut. A calf requires a 50 ml feeding with rehydration expected very quickly. It can successfully be fed in the field using a syringe. In some cases, a second or third feeding may be required.

The product is now available from animal health distributors, Vets, online and on shelves in feed, farm and ranch stores around the country.


The Marx / Kreuz ranch was involved in a large study which included over 100 head of spring calves with scours. In past years they had lost as many as 30 calves during one calving season. Comments: “The Sx Calf Oral Electrolyteproduct helped the calves recover more quickly than other products we have tried. Without the Sx Calf solution we would have expected one third or more of the calves to have died. Sx Calf was easy to use and carry when working the herd, it is a quick treatment option and antibiotic treatment was not required if the scours was caught quickly enough.”
Marx / Kreuz Ranch
Belgrade, Montana
A small family operated dairy. Comments: “Sx Calf works fast……… feeding and it’s done”
Rosedahl Dairy
Caldwell, ID
The Holm Dairy in Fruitland, ID, Holstein dairy cow operation, was visited on May 15, 2014. This dairy houses 300 animals. The Holm dairy has been shown to have the rotavirus as a source for scours, which was noted by the Kane Vet Center located near the dairy. Comments: Upon arrival at the ranch, Ms. Sheryl Holm ran over and stated, “Need more, since the stuff really works.”
Holm Dairy
Fruitland, Idaho
Located in Northwest Montana, where the spring storms can be extreme, with driving winds and snow. Comments: “After 24 hours, 18 of the calves that had been fed Sx Calf solution recovered from dehydration; however, 3 animals needed a second feeding. Sx Calf requires less time and seems to improve animal health at a rate that is more effective than traditional forms of oral electrolytes.”
Bill Icenoggle Ranch
Cutbank, Montana
Saves Time

Save Time

Sx Calf is effective in just one oral feeding saving you precious time.

Saves Money

Save Cash

With one oral feeding and a competitive price, Sx Calf saves you money.

Save Calves

Save Calves

Sx Calf works quickly enabling calves to once again reach full health.